The Legend of Laika

From its birth, the Soviet Union valued technological progress and advancement. This tradition of advancing technology and information continued until the fall of the Soviet Union. One of the most valued ways of expanding technical knowledge was the Space Race. The Space Race spurred a fascination in the beyond and was the inspiration for much […]

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Lost Love and Suspended Romance

The years that marked World War II were full of emotions related to the brutality and sacrifice Soviet soldiers endured during wartime. Many parents lost their children, children often lost parents, and lovers had to endure long spans of separation and the distinct possibility that their partner would not return. The civilians often felt the […]

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Terror Trials

During the Russian Revolution, we saw glorious images of proletariat heroes. We saw shining workers and sophisticated art designed to evoke pride in Russia’s backbone: the laborers. The transition to a Communist society did not happen smoothly, or without purging the people who were considered class-traitors and bourgeoisie by the new regime. Looking at the […]

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Rallying Cries

At the time of the Russian Revolution, the nation was in political turmoil. Many people were left on the fringes unable to efficiently keep up with the ever-changing politics and events taking place across Russia. This is due to a couple things, one being the geography of Russia. Russia is a huge landmass with many […]

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